ASR (Authorized Service Representatives):  Equipment Manufacturers often struggle to have enough support resources to cover all of their regions, down machines, installations, etc. This is where we come in. Our field service engineers can help service your end-user customers via our ASR (Authorized Service Representative) program. They are "Travel-Ready", and pay close attention to customer satisfaction. They realize that they are the face of our company (and yours!), and bear the heavy responsibility of maintaining a professional reputation for all of us.

FLEXIBILITY:  Hiring us on a contractor basis prevents you from having to take on new employees. This gives you the best of both worlds, where you don't have to hire permanent staff, but yet you have the capacity to take on a big influx of work when it comes. In tough times, that flexibility is an essential tool to have.

YOUR INFO IS SAFE:  Our standard ASR contracts include confidentiality and non-compete provisions to protect your interests. After all, YOU are our customer. We want to build long term relationships, so we've got to stick closely to the rules!

ANY TIME:  If you need after hours support, or a guaranteed on site response time, we can develop a program that will fit your needs. Someone will be on call and be ready to go at all times.



COMPUTER CONTROLS:  We specialize on C, D, E, Modular D controls.

For exchanged goods it is critical that we get this two digit suffix number so we can ensure we are shipping the right board. In some cases, we can modify an existing board to manually change the function and suffix number. For repaired goods, it is sometimes a pricing issue, but we do not need prior warning of what is coming. We can service all suffix numbers.


EXCHANGE SERVICE:  When downtime is an issue, a two week repair won’t do. We maintain a large stock of all of the above repair goods for exchange. We’ll ship you a good one to get the machine going, then you ship us back the failing goods. Call to check stock.



COMPUTER CONTROL RETROFITTING:  In 2004, all industrial computer control retrofitting & engineering operations and staff were transitioned to their own department. Please contact for more information.


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