SINCE 1989:  February 2014 marks the 25th year since our founding. In 1994 we moved in to our Royal Oak, Michigan office, and we then opened an additional location in Ann Arbor back in 2004. We provide industrial computer numeric control services to about 1,300 customers across the USA.

QSA-2000:  QSA-2000 is the formal quality system that defines the procedures and policies of our company. The software program that forms its backbone is a custom written application that is continually revised as our needs change. AMID (Ampion Material Identification) numbers track everything from the sale of a single individual part to a massive two-year long retrofit project.

PREMIUM:  We strive to be a premium company.  (See what that means by checking the premium page.)

OUR NAME:  Our good name is our currency.  It is a very small world in our business, and word gets around very quickly. Getting good customers, vendors, and partners takes hard work and a strong commitment.

BEING PROFESSIONALS:  Being in business takes more than just some tech know-how. We take the time to organize our methods of work. That combination can be rare. There is nothing more frustrating than having a great service guy who never writes anything down. We have a full set of prints on every retrofit we’ve done, and we have good notes on every computer board we’ve fixed.

SCALABILITY:  We have the proper tools and facilities at hand to do the job right, today. But we are also careful to make systems, tools and information scalable, so that we can build on them as our needs grow. We have more space than we need, and we are IT ready for 20 new users at any time.  We're thinking ahead as we go.

THE RIGHT PEOPLE:  It is simple. Your people are your company. We have been lucky to get really good staff. We invest a lot in the interview process, clear employment policies, and hold regular performance reviews. We try to take care of our people the best our resources will allow, and generally get the same goodwill in return.

FEEDBACK:  Whether coming from an employee, vendor, or customer, there is no such thing as being offended by criticism. Our doors are open for critiques or suggestions at any time. There’s nothing worse than not knowing your boat has a big hole in the back end until your knees are wet. Contact Us!

KEEPING IT LIGHT:  A sense of humor and positive outlook are concepts which are often totally overlooked in the business world. We try to be professionals, but that doesn’t mean we’re made of stone! This concept speaks to a more general principal: In business you deal with people. It may be their serious work place, but they still have valid emotions, needs, preferences, and a personal life.


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